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{Latest} How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone 6/6s/7/7s

Text messages are very important for everyone, the most important information will be forwarded through a message to our phone. These important messages include notifications, bank transactions and Debit and credit card alerts etc. Also for the business people there will be more confidential and vital information is stored in the phone as messages. If we lost those messages then our world will get still. But, now you don’t need to worry about it because today our topic is regarding this. Here is the solution for the question “How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone”.

how to backup text messages on iphone

iPhone is the most secured mobile phone and also never deletes the data in it, but sometimes we unintentionally delete some messages which are saved for the future purpose. And at that time we search for the backup methods through which we can install the app so that you can backup all your messages which are deleted recently. In the following lines let us know how it works. Also, you can backup your messages yourself by following the below given process.

How to Backup iPhone Messages

In the following steps, I will let you know how to backup iPhone messages before they get into trash unexpectedly. You can know how to iPhone backup messages backup your text messages using two options, one is through iCloud and other is to backup messages using iTunes. And we also know that we cannot see the messages which are in thew backup because iTunes and iCloud does not allow you to view the messages. You can see them once you restore them back to your iPhone. So, now let us see how to backup all your text messages in a readable format.

Besides iTunes and iCloud there are many other options through which you can backup your iPhone Text Messages. By this download, you can simply backup your text messages from iPhone and also you can read them whenever you want. Here you can know how to backup the text messages from iPhone to iTunes and iCloud backup.

How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone with iTunes

So, friends as we all know we can know how to backup text messages on iPhone and also backup our iPhone data through iTunes and can restore at anytime you want. iTunes will include messages in its backup, but we cannot read those messages until we restore them back to any iDevice. So, Let us know how to restore these messages into our iPhone using iTunes. The following are the Steps to Backup text messages on iPhone:

how to backup iphone messages

  • Connect your iPhone with PC/computer using USB cable.
  • Now open iTunes on your PC, in that you can see the device information in it.
  • Here, go to Backup Tab and in that click on “Backup Now” option.
  • Now your iTunes will backup your data within no time. Once the backup completes you can save those files and can use to restore the messages anytime, on any device.

How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone with iCloud

iCloud is another option to backup Both Text Messages and iMessages on your iPhone. To backup text messages iPhone iCloud Data through iCloud, you don’t need to connect your iPhone to the PC. But you need an internet connection, that’s it you can backup all your data from your iPhone Directly. Let us see the steps to backup Text messages using iCloud:

how to save text messages on iphone

  1. Connect your iPhone with Wifi or Strong internet. This process needs a network connection.
  2. And in this step, you have to turn the iCloud backup on. To do this just go to Settings > iCloud Storage > Backup.
  3. In this tap on the backup now option. Now your backup process will start.
  4. If you want to cancel then select “cancel Backup” option to Stop backup.

does iphone backup text messages

Backup Text Messages Using CopyTrans

CopyTrans is a backup management tool for iPhone through which we can backup our messages and all other stuff. The following are the steps to Backup your text messages using “CopyTrans Contacts”.

does iphone backup text messages

  • Download the CopyTrans contacts from the link provided below.

Download CopyTrans

  • Click on the “Run” option, then the installation process starts on the PC.
  • Now, open the app and then connect your iPhone to PC.
  • Once the device is detected, then we can see the copytrans detects all your device information and Data.
  • Select the messages option and then you can see all your text messages, iMessage of your iPhone in the Sources Pane.
  • Select the files and click on the Backup option, you can also select Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger and all other messaging apps to get the backup of the chats.

So, friends, these are the three ways through which you can backup all your erased or unexpectedly delete the messages. Follow the Instructions given below carefully before downloading the app.

How To Backup Text Messages On iPhone Directly

Follow the steps carefully so that one can get the backup text messages at iPhone without any fail. So here we go.


  • The first step one has to do run the iPhone SMS backup tool successfully. So that it automatically redirects and provides the three different options likewise Phone to Phone Transfer, Backup and also the Restore.
  • In order to back up the text messages from iPhone to PC,  do select the backup option available at the green.
  • Now select the iPhone text message and iMessages in order to backup instantly. And then connect the iPhone to the PC through the USB.
  • So that wait for several minutes till the data get loaded successfully. Thereafter data can be backed up and the checkbox available at the page is automatically selected.
  • And if the user is likely to backup only the messages, then uncheck the other boxes likewise videos, photos and much more.
  • Choose the backup location and then save the whole data where you are likely to save it.
  • One has to make sure that iPhone not gets disconnected at the time of message transfer.
  • And then back up the iPhone text messages from iPhone to your PC and then click OK. So that it automatically get open and customize the backup path without any fail.
  • Finally double click on the SMS folder so that the whole information like screenshot, attachments, text messages to view or copy to word file.


In conclusion, I have said you about all the methods through which you can manage, backup and restore messages and save your important information. If you like this article, share this with your friends, if you found this helpful for you. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more updates on iPhone and know the solutions for iPhone issues.