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How to Delete Contacts On iPhone

how to delete contacts on iphone: Too Many Contacts on your iPhone? And you want to know how to delete contacts on iPhone? then this is the right place for you, here you can know how to delete iPhone contacts. This is the step by step tutorial on how to delete contacts on iPhone. Sometimes, there will be lots of contacts which are not known to us and still they lie in our contacts list. This may cause confusion with the contacts and thereby we make wrong calls and text messages. So, that’s the time we have to keep the scrap out from our contact list, now I will tell you how to delete multiple contacts from iPhone by using some simple steps.

how to delete contacts on iphone

In iPhone, we can delete the contacts one by one, but no multiple deletions are possible. So, we need another software to delete contacts iPhone. There are so many ways to delete the contacts from your iPhone. So, now I will tell you the best procedure to delete multiple unknown contacts from iPhone. The following are the best methods and ways through which you can know how to delete contacts on iPhone and also easily delete contacts which you don’t want on your list.

Delete Multiple Contacts Using Groups app

Groups app is only available on iTunes app store. It is the tool which assists in communicating your iPhone contacts. By using this app you can delete multiple contacts at a time so that you can save your time. This is the best app which is downloaded by almost 4 million people till now and is available over 100 countries across the globe. Now, let’s see the steps to Download and install this groups app o your iPhone Device and then let us see how to delete contacts from the iPhone using this groups app.

delete contacts iphone

Download and Install Groups app

  • Download groups app from the below given link. This is an official download so you don’t need to worry about it.

Download Groups for iPhone

  • Now you will be redirected to download page, download the app into your iPhone.
  • Then, click on “Install” then the app will be downloaded into your device.
  • The icon is created in the last tab of apps on your iPhone. Then you can open the app and delete all the unused contacts.

This is how to download and install the app into your device. Now, let’s know how to iPhone delete multiple contacts from your Device using Groups app.

Steps to Delete Multiple Contacts

  • Open the groups which are installed on your Device. Double tap on the app’s icon to open it.

iphone delete multiple contacts

  • Groups app launches in your iPhone.
  • When it asks permission to read the contacts, accept it.

iphone deleted all contacts

  • Now open the all contacts tab in the group’s list.
  •  Then analyse your contacts and mark the contacts which are useless and very rarely used.
  •  Here, click on the Choose Action option in the top of the apps home.
  •  A popup menu arises, in that select the Delete Contacts option.

iphone delete multiple contacts

  • Finally, tap on the Remove From my iPhone! in order to confirm.

iphone delete contacts

Delete Contacts iPhone Through Contacts App

Follow the below steps carefully in order to delete iphone contacts using the default app none other than regular contacts app. Here we provide the steps in clear and understandable format. And the method is useful especially for the new iPhone buyers and can move ahead by looking down about the process.


  • The very first step one has to open the contacts icon available on the home screen.
    Moreover, the icon looks like a person shaped silhouette on a grey background and filled with colored tabs present along the right side.
  • Also, one can access the contacts from the phone app by clicking the icon available at the bottom of the screen.
  • And now what are you waiting for? Just click on the contacts name so that one can see the contacts page instantly.
  • So do a search for the contact you likely to prefer in deleting and press on edit available at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • As such this allows you to make the changes in the contact page including delete option with no fail.
  • Thereafter move down and click on the delete contact appeared at the bottom of the page.
  • Now press deletes contact again and one can see the contact permanently will get delete successfully.


  • For instance, If the iPhone is connected to the iCloud account, then no doubt as the contact will be deleted on all your connected devices successfully.


That’s it, friends, now you can delete multiple contacts from your iPhone using the above steps. To do this you have to download the group’s app into your iPhone. Hope your all unused junk contacts are deleted from your Device. Then you can like and share this post using your social media sites. Thank you for Downloading the app. If you have any suggestions then please comment us in the box provided below. Thank you for visiting our website. Keep visiting for more updates.