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How to Delete Songs from iPhone

Did you have all your iDevice filled with music and you want to get rid of some junk and uninterested music files from your device? Otherwise, you want to delete your entire library to restore your phone? then you are in the right place. Here I will tell you how to delete songs from iPhone by using from simple steps. In iPhone there are so many default music albums can be seen which we don’t want and never listen to them. This unwanted music will become as a junk for our PC and eats all our memory. now let us know how to delete music from iPhone 6, just follow my instructions given below and have your work done. In this you have two options, one is to delete the entire library and another is to delete some tracks by selecting from the whole library.

how to delete songs from iphone

As we all know, the apple is presently giving the highest memory of 128 GB in their iPhone, so there is a no problem for them about storage, But the persons who use the old models of iPhones which give you 8 and 16 GB space which is not sufficient in this present HD world. And also the iPhone will push some music albums by default into our library and increases our storage issues. So, we wonder How do you delete songs from your iPhone? For this, we have a solution for your Problem, there are so many ways through which you can get rid of this junk music files from your PC. Following from here, you can know in detail about each and every step. Then this is the solution for the question How do I delete a song from my iPhone.

How to Delete Music from iPhone 6

To delete music from iPhone firstly you have to go to settings and then in the options choose iTunes and app store and make sure that the iTunes match is disabled. Because, if it is enabled then we will not able to know How to delete songs from iPhone. After doing that just follow the below process:

How do I delete a song from my iPhone

Steps To Delete Music From iPhone

  • Go to settings and tap general settings, in the general settings you can see the option “storage and iCloud usage”. Select it.

how to delete music from iphone 6

  • Now, tap on the manage storage, then you will get the list of all iPhone apps present in your phone. Scroll down and find apple music app.
  • In that, you will see all the music available on your iPhone.
  • You can select some of the music you want to delete you can delete the entire music library if you want to get rid of all the songs.
  • Finally, click on the delete button to delete the music from my phone.

How to Delete an Entire Album in iPhone

Basing on the above steps, we can also delete a specific album from iPhone. But one thing is to select the albums instead of single song selection.

Steps to Delete the Album from iPhone

  • In the first step, Open the settings app on your iPhone.

How can I delete music from my phone


  • Then go to “general” and then open “Storage and icloud usage“.
  • Now, click on “Manage Storage“.

How do you delete songs from your iPhone

  • List of apps installed in the iPhone is displayed. In that select apple music, just like above.
  • In this step, select the album which you want to delete and tap on “Delete” button.

How to Remove Music Using Apple Music

Apple music app will also help us in deleting the unwanted music, just follow the below given steps so that you can get some space to import new songs. Steps are given below:

how to delete music from iphone 7

  • Open the music app on your iPhone go to my music.
  • Select the song you want to delete from the library.
  • You can see the three dots symbol beside the song, click on it.
  • Now, It will show the options like shown in the screenshot below.
  • Then select “Delete from Library” option, now the device will be deleted successfully.

how to delete music from iphone 7

How To Delete Music From iPhone on iTunes 12

So through the above methods, are you still facing difficulty in deleting songs from iPhone. Don’t worry here we go with another trial and tested solution for those who really never mind in plugging their iPhone into PC. And this can be done through iTunes.


  • The very first user has to plug in their iPhone to PC without any fail.
  • Once after connecting to it, Click on the icon available on the home screen and select the music at on My device section available at the left side column.
  • Thereafter at the central pane, one can see the various artists, albums, playlists stored on the phone. And in order to delete, need to use the commands as cmd +A or select the command ctrl +A on Windows successfully.
  • And then click on the backspace or the delete key. And it asks as are you really want to delete the selected music from the device, as such click on delete so that it gets disappear.
  • The most significant point one has to make a note is when you bring the music from the iTunes library, even though you delete, will remain same at iTunes. This is because the user is deleting the songs from iPhone but not at PC.
  • In conclusion, click on the summary option available at the top left-hand column and in the main pane click on apply available at the bottom of the screen.

How do You Delete Songs From Your iPhone

Here we go with the process in clear and understandable format. One can stream the following video and move forward to do so.


Finally, this is the best way to get rid of the junk music files from your iPhone. Through this, you can save your time and also your iPhone’s storage space. Read the above steps carefully to successfully delete the music from iPhone. Your suggestions will help us to grow even bigger. Please share your views with us in the comment section provided below. Thank you for giving your time for us for reading this article. And also keep visiting for more updates on fixes for iPhone solutions. Thank you for visiting our website.