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iPhone Backup Extractor Extract Files From iPhone Backup

Hello, guys, this is the tutorial for you to let you know about iPhone backup extractor. We have known in the previous posts how to backup files from iPhone, now let’s know about how to Extract the backup file back into your iPhone again. For this, you need a backup extractor which can easily backup the files back to our iPhone whenever you want. This iPhone backup extractor will play a great role in iPhone backup recovery and iphone backup extractor pc very well. So, now let us know how to backup the files using iPhone backup extractor and read iphone backup files in clear and understandable format.

iPhone Backup Extractor

Are you looking for the best iPhone Backup Extractor? which can save you from loss of the important data. Also, here we are going to get this app on your Windows. iPhone backup extractor will help you to save the iPhone data. As we are talking about the iPhone extractor app, then we have to definitely know about how to restore iPhone from backup. We may already backup our files and when the data losses from our iPhone. Then we have to extract all the data here, so here we are going to the best iphone backup viewer and most of the features of the app.

About iPhone Backup Extractor

There are so many tools which will extract the iPhone backup. But, with this iPhone backup extractor will be different. It is very useful in which we can be able to extract the files. This can be done through ios backup extractor. While we are extracting the iPhone backup, we need to follow some procedure. It is as follows, the below given is the Process through which we can extract files using iPhone backup extractor PC. This app will also act as the iPhone backup viewer in which you can see all the files which are backed up.

iphone backup recovery

How to Extract iPhone Backup Files

The following are the best iPhone backup files through which you can easily extract the files from the iPhone backup.Now let us know the process through which you can Extract the iPhone backup files.

Read the following steps carefully to know how to restore iPhone from backup. these steps will show you how to extract the files from the previously backup files

Scan the iPhone backup file

Firstly, download, install and run the iPhone backup extractor on your computer. Check one thing, do not sync your iPhone with iTunes after your lost your data, which can be effectively prevented lost data from being overwritten.

After the backup files scanned out, please choose the right device backup file and then click “Start Scan” button to go on.

iphone backup software

Extract iPhone backup files and restore data

After the scan, all the content of your iPhone backup file will be displayed and listed in order. Before recovery, you can browse and check the items one by one. Choose the ones you want to get back by clicking “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

icloud backup extractor

Extract the Files and Save

In order to save your iPhone data, immediate backup is very useful and important. Please remember to backup them on your computer. On one hand, you can find your files as soon as possible. On the other hand, you can greatly save your time on recovering the data.

What can you recover?

  • With this app, you can recover almost all the types of files like Photos, Messages, Photostream, Messages, call logs, Videos, Music, Call records or voicemails, notes, WhatsApp chat etc.

iphone backup recovery

  • With this app, you can also use the inaccessible app data also. And this app also compatible with all the iPhones ranging from iPhone 3G to iPhone 7 plus.
  • You can also recover files from iTunes, iCloud and iOS, including the latest iOS 10.3.

Best iPhone Backup Extractor Through AnyTrans

The AnyTrans is being ranked as the best and it is said to be more enough. Doing all at a stretch is possible with iPhone content manager. Before proceeding to the backup extract options, one can notice the offers provided by iPhone content management solutions.


  • Through this, one can save the iPad,iPod music to PC.
  • Can add the songs, books, and also the iDevice excluding iTunes.
  • One can transfer the entire photos to provide more space on the iPhone.
  • Copy the messages, contacts, notes and other related data to the system.
  • Clone the entire data and files from iPhone to another.
  • And finally, one can extract the files from iPhone/ iTunes/ iCloud backup.

Genuinely Anytrans allows the individual to extract files from iphone/iTunes/iCloud. When you extract the more data extracting methods, you get the chance to do so.

Functionality of iPhone Backup Extractor

  • It will convert the backup databases into CSV, VCard and ICAL formats automatically.
  • You can see them directly in Excel, Outlook or Webmail.
  • It is the free version you can use it for free.
  • Recover Data from iTunes also. Also, you can extract iCloud backups.
  • Friendly interface which is easy to use.
  • No spyware of ads, it’s a free app and also no ads at all.
  • You can view files using Built-in PList Viewer.

How to extract backup data to iPhone Backup Extractor

One can stream the below video and do extract files from iphone backup successfully.

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As a result, These are the details about iPhone backup extractor and how to extract the data from the iPhone backup files. Now, you can get back all your data back to your iPhone. What is your experience? tell us by the message in the comment section provided below. Thank you so much for reading this article, our website FixiPhoness will provide you with the best iPhone Tips and Tricks so that you can easily get the tasks done on your iPhone. Please keep visiting our site for more updates. Thank you.