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How to Recover Deleted Notes iPhone And Recover iPhone Notes

When you go for a shopping or an important number to remember for future, then we will take the help of the Notes on iPhone. Here you can store the information like the personal diary, personal notes and Data, Passwords, Shopping list etc. will be stored on the iPhone. But, sometimes, unfortunately, we intentionally delete the Notes from iPhone or we will lose the notes for some other reasons. Or we have restored iPhone before backing up your notes. So, in that times we want to retrieve the data from iPhone. So, here I am going to tell you about how to recover Deleted Notes on iPhone. Follow the below-given steps carefully.

recover deleted notes iphone

Notes App in iPhone is widely used in all iOS devices for several reasons. All the information which is helpful for the future purpose will be stored in this notes only. What if when these notes app’sd data cleared or even we unintentionally delete the important notes then we can Follow the steps given below also see fix iphone not showing up. Let’s get into the topic, and also here we are going discuss iPhone recover deleted notes

Methods to Recover Deleted notes iPhone

Follow the below methods in order to recover deleted notes iphone successfully. One can access and perform for free without causing any error.

Recover from Recently Deleted list

As we all know in the notes app of iPhone there will be an option called “recently deleted, in which we can retrieve deleted notes. So, If you have deleted your notes in and around 30 days frame, then you can opt this method. The following are the steps to recover deleted notes iPhone 6 using the steps mentioned here. Follow the below method carefully, this is easy and most fastly recover deleted notes and all your Data.

recover deleted notes iphone

Steps to Follow:

  • Open the Notes app if you haven’t done so already, then tap on the back arrow button in the upper left corner   to view the notes folders
  • Choose the “Recently Deleted” folder
  • Tap on the “Edit” button in the Recently Deleted section.
  • Now tap to select the note you want to recover and undelete so they are marked with a checkbox, then tap the “Move To…” button in the lower left corner.
  • Choose the folder you want to move the deleted note back to, typically this is “Notes” on iCloud or on the device itself, or whatever custom folder you may have created.
  • Return to the notes folder you moved the deleted note to and find the note you have recovered.

How to recover deleted notes on iPhone Using Dr.Fone

Dr Fone is the overall iPhone management tool which consists of almost all the options like, backup, remote view and restores all your iPhone files. SO, today we are going to download the Dr Fone software and then the steps to Recover deleted messages from iPhone using this software. You can download Dr Fone from the link provided here.

Dr Fone for PC

  •  Open Dr Fone on your PC and connect the iPhone to PC using USB.

recover deleted notes iphone 6

  • In the Home menu of  Dr Fone choose ‘Data Recovery’ and then click on ‘Recover from iOS Device’.
  • Click on ‘Start Scan’ to start the process of recovery. Now the software will search for the data.
  • Here you can see all the recovered files, then you can edit or open it and then Click on “recover to Device” option to recover it to iPhone.
  • If you want them to restore them to PC, then Click on “recover to Computer” option. You can save it on your computer.

Recover deleted notes Using iTunes Backup

Every iPhone user will use iTunes to store their data. So, you may be also backed up your data recently before deleting these Notes. So, In the case of this, then you can easily recover deleted notes on iPhone using iTunes Backup. The following are the steps to recover Deleted Notes iPhone using iTunes Backup. Following are the steps described to help you in recovering your Notes successfully.

how to restore notes on iphone

Steps to Recover from iTunes Backup using Anytrans

  • Launch the AnyTrans iPhone recovery tool and click on ‘Data Recovery’  option and then click on ‘Recover from iTunes Backup’.
  • All the iTunes backup files that were stored on the computer are displayed in this step. Select the right one in which you can find your notes.
  • Click on ‘Start Scan’ and wait for Dr. Fone to extract the data from iTunes backup file.
  • Preview the files and choose the ‘Notes’ and then click ‘Recover’.
  • That’s it Now your files are successfully restored, you can view them now.

Recover Deleted iPhone Notes through an iCloud Backup

So here we go. In order to recover the whole deleted iPhone notes from iCloud backup, one has to perform the below two methods.

Restore iPhone From iCloud Backup Without any Issues

  • Here, if the user turns on the iCloud backup and then satisfies the need for the auto iCloud backup.
  • The deleted notes will be included into the iCloud backup file.
  • One has to restore again in order to get the information back.
  • But, the user faces the risk regarding the lost data at your device.
  • Finally, one can also extract the notes from the iCloud backup very similar to the iTunes backup.

Extract iPhone Notes From The iCloud Backup

Extracting through the iCloud backup will be very much similar to the iTunes. One can extract without causing any type of the error successfully.

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone

One can stream and access in clear and more understandable format.


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